School programs

All of our programs have been carefully planned and designed, to fit every level and help our students achieve their musical goals.

Group lessons

Group learning has been proven to have many advantages for the learning process. Thus, we have developed engaging and innovative syllabus for our students to support each other while they learn from their lessons!


Summer does not mean music has to stop… we have never had so much fun during the summer! Join our summer camp, to learn hand to hand with professional artists and music producers while live performing with a real audience in our 80+ people auditorium!


We understand that kids are our future. Our programs are designed to be fun for students and help them develop skills in several areas, some of these are: music, ballet, flamenco dance, theater, painting and other languages!


Do you have a garage band? We can take you to the next level! Join our Rock Lab program and we will make sure your band has a professional look in all aspects, as well as making sure your musical bases are all covered!

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